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Safe driving strategies to teach your teen

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

As a parent, you probably have mixed feelings about your teens learning to drive. You may be grateful that you no longer have to drive them everywhere, but you may also fear for their safety while they are on the road.

However, you can alleviate some of your anxiety by teaching your teens a few key driving techniques. These are a few things you should teach your teen driver.

Eliminate distractions

Warn your teens about the danger of driving while distracted. For example, because up to 15% of accidents occur when passengers distract drivers, you may want to limit the number of passengers allowed in your teens’ vehicles. Also, discuss electronic device and radio use as well as eating and drinking while driving.

Watch their speed

Almost one-quarter of all fatal accidents occur in part due to speeding, making it a significant risk. Therefore, guide your teens to keep an eye on their speed and not succumb to peer pressure or anxiety about being late.

Drive defensively

You cannot assume that other drivers observe traffic laws and maintain their vigilance while driving. Therefore, you should teach your teens to drive defensively. Teach them to watch other drivers and look for hazards, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles and other dangers.

Observe the three-second rule

Teach your teens about the three-second rule, which places a safe distance between them and the vehicle in front of them. However, teach them to increase this space during inclement weather, at night or in construction zones.

To prepare your teens for the responsibility of driving, be a good example; give them plenty of practice, especially driving in inclement weather; set driving rules; and emphasize safety practices, such as wearing seatbelts.