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Look After Your Loved Ones And Your Legacy

Whether you are entering the workforce or your golden years, it is never too early to meet with an estate planning and probate lawyer to discuss your legacy and plans for your loved ones. Although you may not know what the future holds, a customized plan can provide guidance during challenging times.

Since 1992, families and individuals throughout central Illinois have relied on attorney Paul Chiligiris to help them draft wills and other estate planning tools, such as powers of attorney for property and health care. Paul uses decades of legal knowledge to tailor wills according to his client’s wishes and streamline the probate process for beneficiaries. Consult with him today to learn how he may assist you.

The Benefits Of A Will

You do not need to have complex assets or a high income to require a will. This legal tool benefits people from all walks of life who want a say in how their possessions are distributed.

A valid will can also help reduce uncertainty and conflict by:

  • Assigning an individual, also known as an “executor,” to settle your estate after your death
  • Identifying a guardian for your young children
  • Determining which family members receive an inheritance and which do not
  • Simplifying the probate process

In Illinois, it is up to the courts to disburse assets on behalf of individuals who die without a proper will. Court-managed probate can be a stressful and lengthy experience for beneficiaries. With Paul’s assistance, you can help your loved ones avoid this legal headache.

In addition to drafting and revising wills, Paul is qualified to represent clients throughout the probate process. Whether you live in Illinois or out of state, you can depend on Paul to work closely with you throughout your matter. It is his goal that your loved one’s estate is settled as promptly as possible.

When Conflicts Arise

As an experienced trial lawyer, Paul knows how to use the law to resolve complex, personal conflicts. He has helped clients protect their interests in contested estate matters and in cases involving disabled adults. In or out of court, Paul will move swiftly to assert your rights.

Begin The Process Today

You can look to your future with confidence, and Paul is ready to help. Please contact Paul G. Chiligiris, Attorney at Law, in Decatur using the online contact form or by calling 217-615-4053.