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5 signs your aging parent should not be behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It can be very difficult to take the keys away from the person who was there when you learned how to drive.

Still, getting your aging parent off the road will keep both them and other motorists safe. Here are five warning signs to look out for.

1. Their car has new damage, scrapes or dents

This is a tell-tale sign that your loving mom or dad should no longer drive a car. One hopes that they are only backing into fences or shopping cart returns, but the damage could be from another person or vehicle. And if it is not a big problem now, it could soon be. The CDC reports that every day, twenty aging drivers die in car accidents.

2. Their eyesight is failing

Ask your parents about their vision. If they say that it has been hard to read, watch TV or that their glasses do not seem to work anymore, take action.

3. They get lost more easily

Notice their habits throughout the day. Are they late to appointments and say that they got lost? When they walk around the neighborhood, do they become disoriented? If so, their driving is likely also erratic and unsafe.

4. Their reaction time is poor

A person’s ability to judge distance and time is what prevents them from getting into car accidents. Your parent’s reflexes need to be quick enough to hit the brakes when needed.

5. Other people begin to worry

When other people have started to notice, it is time to take action. We love our parents, and sometimes we have to make tough decisions for their benefit.