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Subtle signs that your teen has a brain injury

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | Personal Injury |

The teen years bring a variety of new challenges for parents and adolescents alike. As teenagers develop independence and pursue interests, parents often worry about safety risks. Accidents while driving, injuries on the sports field and incidents while out with friends all put your child at risk of potential brain injuries.

Recognize the delayed indications of a potential brain injury so you can seek medical care and compensation for your child.

Confusion and forgetfulness

Teens lead busy lives and often forget about deadlines and appointments, but most parents know the typical forgetfulness. When your child seems confused and more forgetful than usual or forgets things that they normally remember, seek a medical evaluation.


Even mild brain injuries can cause agitation and lashing out. Teens experience a range of hormone fluctuations that can trigger similar reactions but any anger, short-tempered behavior or agitation after an accident warrants medical attention.


A teen that complains of a headache in the days after an accident needs a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Even mild headaches can indicate a brain injury. If any swelling occurs that contributes to the headache, medical intervention is important.

Vision issues

Blurry, dark or disrupted vision also indicates a potential brain injury. A teen experiencing vision issues may not tell you about it, so be observant of any changes in behavior. Bumping into things, tripping or struggling to read something could all indicate a possible injury.

The sooner you recognize the signs of a brain injury, the sooner your child gets the help that they need.